In 2017 Sander Nijbroek completely changed course. That little voice saying “What’s the reason I got into music” kept whispering in the back of his head, while at the same time he realised that this goal had not come any closer lately. This led to a great change. Tutoring music students and his job as a frontman at a partyband were history. All this to get renewed focus on the original goal: to live for writing and creating his own music!

After a succesful crowdfunding-campaign, Sander and his band joined an amazing producer in April 2017, to start working on his debut EP.

So finally the time is now. After studying at the Rotterdam conservatory and 2,5 years of touring with an amazing partyband, on 15th of September in 2017 he releases his debut single “Shine Like Gold”. Followed by his complete EP in October.

Sander is a musician by heart. His music is composed the way how he feels it should be, not according to teachers or lecture. His joyful and spontaneous appearance, along with his band, provide a catchy show with a summer like feeling.

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